Friday, October 31, 2014

November Newsletter

Monthly Sales-

10, 20, 30 SALE!!!  
INCLUDES: Box sets and irons!
  • Buy 1 - 10% OFF
  • Buy 2 - 20% OFF
  • Buy 3 - 30 % OFF
  • 50% OFF IntraForce
  • 60% OFF discontinued products

Newest Line-

*Diamond Oil High Shine- This new line is in addition to the Diamond Oil line that we already had offered.  The new additions are a shampoo, conditioner and a high shine airy mist.  This line does everything that Diamond Oil does and more!!

Newest Products-

*Color Rebel Hair Makeup- This amazing products lets you change your look in a minute.
  • Goes on easy, dries fast
  • Won't smudge off on clothes
  • Washes out in 2 shampoos on average
  • Makeup-inpired sponge applicator
  • In 5 shades for endless play

*Color Rebel Glitter Spray-  This new spray is a limited edition glittering finish!

~Styling polymers for light hold
~Brushable and non-sticky
~Layer for more intense glitter effects
~Light hold with silver finish

Great for a fun look and awesome for updos for special!

Robin's Nest Styling Salon V
247 Parkview Dr. Milton, WI