Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Newsletter


10, 20, 30 SALE!!! 
  • Buy 1 - 10% OFF
  • Buy 2 - 20% OFF
  • Buy 3 - 30 % OFF
Buy ANY product and SAVE!!!!!!
You don't want to miss this amazing ONCE A YEAR sale!
60% OFF discontinued products!!!!
Discontinued products include:
  • Outshine 01
  • Glass 01
  • Sheer Straight 06
  • Matte Sponge 05
  • Intraforce
**Some "discontinued" products are just repackaged**

Newest Products-

*Color Rebel Hair Makeup- change your look in a minute.

Why Color Rebel?
-Goes on easy, dries fast
-Won't smudge off on clothes
-Washes out in 2 shampoos on average
-Makeup-inspired sponge applicator
-In 5 shades for endless play
How do you use it?
-Choose from 5 colors
-Twist the bottom to get the color on the sponge
-Choose where you want to place the color rebel
-Let it dry (blow dry or air dry)
-Comb Out
-Look fabulous

The Robin's Nest wishes you a happy holiday season!

Robin's Nest Styling Salon V
247 Parkview Dr. Milton, WI


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